5 Earth Day Tips For An Eco Friendly Beach Trip

Posted by Julia Wheeler on

It's no secret that we love going to the beach. Something we believe goes hand in hand with that is taking care of our beaches and earth.

Our boardshorts are made from 50% recycled material + 50% organic cotton and we just switched our shipping packaging over to 100% recycled + biodegradable paper. We also believe in creating a well-made product that can last you not just through the summer, but through multiple kids as well so hand those babies down. A great way to ensure longevity in your swimwear is to rinse them with cold water after each wear (especially after swimming in a pool filled with chemicals) + hang dry. Air drying preserves the color in the swimwear as well as cuts out the additional energy usage from a dryer.

We're making our best efforts to care for mother earth in our brand and our own lives.

Here are some of our easy tips to care for the earth when you head to the beach:

  1. Clean up your own trash + take 3 or more pieces you find with you when you leave. Have your kids go on a trash scavenger hunt and then make sure they have an adult handle the trash once they find it (just in case.)
  2. Use biodegradable + reef-friendly sunscreen. Sunscreen washes off your body when you're swimming and gets into the ocean so be aware of what you're putting into the water. The #1 bad ingredient to keep an eye out for is oxybenzone.
  3. Bring beach snacks in reusable containers or bring fresh fruit with biodegradable peels.
  4. Go straw-free and bring your own drink container.
  5. Don't feed the animals. Keep a safe distance from wildlife and don't feed them human food.

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