Seaesta Surf x Surfy Birdy Q&A

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If you know us, you know we love Rachel Dejohn aka Surfy Birdy. This year marks our FOURTH collaboration with her so we wanted to do a little something extra to celebrate the collab. We commissioned a photographer we LOVE, Rachel Mayo, to meet up with Surfy Birdy Rachel and her nieces (and her van!) for a fun little shoot in the collab. Scroll through for the fun and a quick Q&A with Rachel Dejohn!

Photos: Rachel Mayo

Follow: @surfybirdy / @rachelinthelight / @jessica_threemermaids (Rachel Dejohn's twin sister and her nieces!)

Favorite Beach Snacks: I always crave cinnamon rolls but lately I like to make energy balls with oats dates and walnuts.

Current Beach Tunes: I've got 3 Bs at the top of my head: Babe Rainbow, Ben Howard, Babe Honey.

Dream Surf Trip: Some places I've just dreamed so far Australia, Bali, and any mystical right hand points surrounded by nature .

 What do you do when you need an inspiration refresh? I like to bring my notepad and draw or paint in a spot out in nature maybe during a sunset or just soaking up some sunshine and then I get inspired by the beauty around. Sometimes it's harder to find but you can always dream it.








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