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This is our second year working on an artist collaboration with Denisse Wolf.  This year we settled on a tiger print of hers we fell in love with a couple of years ago and adapted it as a print repeat from a few different swimwear styles for women, men AND kids! Denisse and her cutie gal Greta were sweet enough to model some of their favorite Tigres swim styles on a quick trip to the beach. Check out Denisse's cute family, style and artwork on Instagram @denissewolf and shop her artwork here.


Quick Q&A with the artist! But first, I have to tell you that last year, our art collaboration with Denisse was a shark print that timed perfectly and accidentally with the hit viral kids song, Baby Shark. This year, our tiger print collaboration has aligned perfectly and accidentally with (the not kid-friendly) Tiger King sensation. So our animal print forecasting is really nailing it. 

Five Questions with Denisse Wolf!

1. Where do you get your color inspiration from on your artwork? Generally from things I see everyday. When its a portrait, its usually what colors I feel come through after reading or learning about them: personalities, struggles, etc.


2. Favorite beach? Bacalar, the lagoon/beach of 7 colors. Two hours south of Tulum. Its amazing! Viva Mexico, cabrones!

3. Favorite beach snack? Probably not the cleanest but its got to be watermelon or jicama.

4. Beach soundtrack? Polo + Pan are the most perfect duo for the beach.

5. Did Carole Baskin feed her husband to the tigers? Carole Baskin is guilty af.

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