Quick Questions With: Surfy Birdy

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This year, we had the MOST fun collaborating with artist Rachel Dejohn aka Surfy Birdy. The suit has been such a hit that we're already dreaming up what we can do together next year! In the meantime, Rachel answered a few quick questions about art, surfing, travel and snacks. All the good stuff. 

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1. What inspires you most to create art? The sea; the way it makes you want to dance. Also I love looking back at old surf mags, movies, photos and mixing in some 60s flower power. I love spreading positivity and hope to spread smiles with my art.

2. Favorite surf spot? I have a few favorites. Some places I've traveled and fallen love with so far are Costa Rica, Kauai, New Zealand, Eleuthera, Puerto Rico, Florida (thats when i'm from).

3. Dream surf spot? All the right hand point breaks surrounded by nature and good vibes.

4. Favorite beach snack? I'm forever craving my fave iced chai and cinnamon rolls, but also love to just bring a friendly avocado and banana. 

5. What’s your favorite beach soundtrack? Anything that makes me want to boogie! A few faves are fat freddys drop, dope lemon, sticky fingers, mako road, jordy maxwell, cave singers. I put on my spotify in my van and it usually finds a good one for me.

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