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This year we partnered with French artist, Naïma Jakimowicz, on two art prints for our spring/summer collection. They're already a huge hit! We chatted with Naïma about living in France, her art inspiration and her favorite beach snacks, of course!


Where do you live? What is your favorite part about where you live? What is your closest / favorite beach?

I live in Toulouse, south of France. The city is beautiful, we call it La ville rose (the pink city). Life is really soft and easy here. We are pretty far from the beach but close to the mountains. In fact, when I'm at the beach, it's super exotic to me, like a real vacation.

What initially drew you to the world of art and design, and how did you begin creating prints for children's fashion?

I have always been really sensitive to art, fashion and design. I love beautiful things that tell a story. My inner child is still very present in my life and needs to create fun and joyful patterns, that leads me naturally to children's fashion.

Can you walk us through your creative process when developing new prints? Where do you typically find inspiration?

I have so many things in my mind that I want to draw. What I need is good music or a podcast. I choose a popular theme, usually in convertationals, and add little twists in it. I want my patterns to be joyful, colorful, interesting, with a personality. I love vintage too, especially the 70's and I'm super inspired by that.

Childhood fun is at the heart of our brand. How do you ensure that your prints capture the essence of childhood joy and playfulness?

I guess I grew up having a very clear souvenir of the fun state of mine you have as a child and still live through this. I really trust my intuition while making my designs and I know that if I find joy in it, it's a wrap.

What trends or themes are you loving this season?

70s flowers patterns are a big trend that I really love, as you can play with them a lot, being more romantic, more graphic, or more groovy. Fruits are a big trend too, fun food, nature and ecological messages also.

What’s your favorite beach snack?


Best beach tunes?

Glass Beams and Khruangbin are perfect to chill

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