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We got to chat with the Rosene family about van life and traveling with kids. Read on for their awesome tips on family-friendly travel, keeping kids entertained while on the road, the best camping meals and more...

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1. Top Five Places To Road Trip In California:
You know how they say you're either a beach person or mountain person? Well we're continually being pulled toward both! I think that's why we live the lifestyle we do for now, so we can go back and forward from the sea to the mountains, in the comfort of our little home on wheels. Our current top 5 spots in California to road trip to, in no particular order, are the following:

  1. Yosemite Valley
  2. Big Sur Coast
  3. Orick, Ca (all of the Redwoods, but particularly Fern Valley)
  4. Joshua Tree
  5. Bishop
To be totally honest we equally love all the little towns and places in between these beautiful spots. We do our best to enjoy the journey just as much as the destination! One day during this past summer we caught lobster in Encinitas in the morning and cooked it for dinner in Joshua Tree that same night! Best day ever. California is pretty dang great! 

2. Top 5 Camp-Friendly Meals/Snacks:
Coming from a mom whose small children eat like teenagers, I've had to get really creative in the meal/snack department. We stop at every Trader Joe's we come by to stock up on all the goodness! I'll also say that food takes up the most cabinets in our van storage! Our "camping" is a little different than most knowing we have a fridge and oven in our van. Our favorite camping meals and snacks that we have on rotate at the moment are the following:
  1. Naan bread pizza topped with mozzarella and my husband's homemade sauce
  2. Scoop of hummus in an avocado half with sunflower seeds and drizzled balsamic
  3. Trail mix & June Shine for mom and dad
  4. Fresh mangos
  5. Our kids favorite dinner is baked baby potatoes with apple chicken sausage
3. Best Screen-Free Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On The Road:
We have a fun basket of colored pencils and crayons, nature and bird books, binoculars, magnifying glass, and notebooks that they always have access to. They dive into it when we're at a new place with animals, rocks or landscapes they've never seen before. We like to get out of their way and give their minds the freedom to imagine.
During long car rides, our kids usually entertain themselves by eating all the snacks, looking at books, singing along to music, coloring, playing eye spy, and always making lots of stops to run and get their wiggles out! It's not easy, but it's always worth it. 
4. Top Three Tips To Streamline Your Wardrobe For Van Life:
  1. Stick to basics and neutral colors, that way everything matches!
  2. Comfort is key!
  3. Have your kids sleep in the next days clothes so you don't have to pack pajamas.
5. Where are you headed next??

October in Southern California is our absolute favorite time at the beach, so we're back here til the holidays. We'll be in Yosemite beginning of winter, then South Lake Tahoe!

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