Snooze Spot: Kawa Heart Studio

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Meet Dee Tang and the coolest surf shack + studio around: Kawa Heart Studio. Want to know her favorite Australian snacks, secret surf spots and styling accessories? Read on, amigos.


Favorite beach snack? A home-made strawberry or banana smoothie thrown in a thermos so it keeps nice and chilly! Rice crackers & pink lady apple slices.  

Early Riser, Mid Day Napper, or Night Owl: 
I am an early riser for sure. I love mornings. These days being 8 months knocked up the I am the mid-day napper whenever the time permits. 
Top Three Beach Locations You’ve Been To:
1. Coral Bay, Western Australia. Its about a 10 hour drive north from here in Fremantle. There are manta rays that swim right up to your feet, the water is so clear you can see everything, whales and dolphins and sandy white beaches for days - oh my! The locals have been fighting long and hard to keep this place small & undeveloped to protect the precious marine life. So far, so good. *fingers crossed*
2. Smiths Beach, Yallinup. A beautiful curved beach thats Down South of Western Australia with epic surf, pristine water and rugged Australiana vibes. 
3. Northern Beaches, NSW. There are over a dozen beaches along this peninsula North of Sydney all with their own distinct personality. It’s extremely pretty with consistently good surf. I fell in love along these beaches, birthed both my baby girls and a decent chunk of my heart still belongs there. 

Best Nap Spot In Your House + Why: The sunroom. The sun hits late in the arvo and the light filters through makes it all warm & snoozy. 
Best Beach Read: Lunch Lady
Point Break or Endless Summer: Toughie. Point Break for them 90’s Keanu & Chilli Peppers feels but my natural inclination is defs more late 60’s cruising Endless summer vibes.  
Pick a favorite: surf, eat, or nap. Another toughie. 1. Eat 2. Surf. 3. Then nap.

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