Seaesta Goes To Hawaii

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Hey, its Julia, the co-founder of Seaesta Surf! We took our kids to Kauai this past week and wanted to share some of our favorite spots from the trip. 

Stop 1: Waikiki / Honolulu
We stayed at the Surfjack Hotel in Waikiki. It was a fun spot for kids with good food onsite, amazing coffee, a cute boutique, and an overall good outdoor vibe that felt safe for these strange times. Our kids would recommend the malted waffles with extra whipped cream. I am basic so I would tell you I loved the avocado toast and oatmilk latte.

To be totally honest, downtown Waikiki was really busy and we are still not feeling totally comfortable in large, crowded spaces so we escaped the busier part of the city to hang with our friends outside of downtown. We had a fun beach day in Waimanalo and had some fun picnic takeout dinners by the water. We only spent a couple of days here to hang with friends and were pretty eager to get on our way to Kauai.

Matching in Snoopy Sea Glass (girls suits coming soon).

Waimanolo in Snoopy Ditsy Floral Swimsuit.

Stop 2: Kauai

We spent the bulk of our trip in Kauai and were so happy to stay in a really secluded part of town with a nearly empty beach on a pretty mellow bay. I'm not going to link to the spot out of respect for the neighbors and I feel like activities and beach spots are covered pretty well in guidebooks so I am just going to share some of our favorite shops and restaurants! 

Food spots: The Fresh Shave (Koloa) has the BEST shave ice, Paco's Tacos (multiple locations) and Tropical Taco (Hanalei) for a taste of home, Midnight Bear Bakery, Kenji Burger for good burgers and sushi burritos, Moloa'a Sunrise Juice Bar for acai bowls, smoothies, sandwiches, breakfast burritos and don't miss the Kauai Chai, & Puka Dogs (catch the No Reservations before you come for some Anthony Bourdain food tips too :) 

Shopping: I have to shout out two of our amazing retailers, Shipwrecked Kauai and Salt + Sea. Both seriously adorable boutiques we loved shopping at while in Kauai. Another spot we loved (not a stockist but so cute) was I Heart Hanalei.

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